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Selected Books and Articles related to Transgender issues.*

Personal Narratives/Autobiographies  (By Year):

Jorgensen, Christine and Susan Stryker (1967, 2000) A Personal Autobiography.Cleis Press; 2nd edition (ISBN-10: 1573441007)

Richards, Renee and John Ames (1983) Second Serve: The Renee  Story. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. (ISBN: 0812828976)

Bornstein, K. (1994). Gender outlaw: On men, women, and the rest of us. New York: Vintage Books.

Hewitt, P. with Warren, J. (1995). A self-Made Man: The Autobiography of a Female-to-Male Transsexual. London: Headline.

Rees, Mark. (1996), Dear Sir or Madam: The Autobiography of a Female-to-Male Transsexual.  London: Cassell.

Califia, P. (1997), Sex changes : the politics of transgenderism, Cleis Press, San Francisco, CA.

Spry, Jennifer (1997) Orlando’s Sleep:  An Autobiography of Gender, Norwich, VT: New Victoria Publishers. (ISBN: 0-934678-80-4)

Boenke, Mary (Ed.) (1999). Trans Forming Families: Real Stories About Transgendered Loved Ones. Walter Trook Publisher. (ISBN-13: 9780966327212 ISBN: 0966327217)

McCloskey, D. (1999). Crossing: a memoir. University Of Chicago Press.

Rose, Donna (2003). Wrapped In Blue: A Journey of Discovery. Living Legacy Press. (ISBN-10: 0972955305, ISBN-13: 978-0972955300)

Boylan, Jennifer Finney (2004). She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders. Broadway.  (ISBN-10: 0767914295, ISBN-13: 978-0767914291)

Clark, Sandra (2004). Running To Normal. iunuverse. (ISBN: 9780595325580)

Green, Jamison (2004), Becoming a visible man, Vanderbilt University Press, Nashville, TN.

Cummings, Mark. (2006). The Mirror Makes No Sense. AuthorHouse. (ISBN-10: 1425924042, ISBN-13: 978-1425924041)

Erhardt, V. (2006). Head Over Heels: Wives who Stay With Cross-Dressers and Transsexuals. Binghamton, NY: Hawthorn Press.

Heyer, Walt (2006) Trading My Sorrows. Xulon Press (ISBN-10:160034156X ISBN-13: 978-1600341564)

Valerio, Max Wolf (2006). The Testosterone Files: My Hormonal And Social Transformation from Female to Male. Avalon Publishing Group (ISBN: 1580051731)

Boyd, H. (2007) , She’s not the man I married : my life with a transgender husband. Seal Press : Distributed by Publishers Group West, Emeryville, CA.

Costa, Leeray M. & Matzner,Andrew J. (2007). Male Bodies, Women’s Souls: Personal Narratives of Thailand’s Transgendered Youth. Routledge (ISBN-10: 0789031140, ISBN-13: 978-0789031143)

Incognito, R. (2008) Bodycage: A transgender autobiography. Chipmunkapublishing (ISBN-10: 1847477097, ISBN-13: 978-1847477095)

Letters For My Brothers: Transitional Wisdom in Retrospect. (2010) Edited by Megan M. Rohrer & Zander Keig. 2010 Wilgefortis. Kindle Edition.

Weekley, David E. (2011) In from the Wilderness: Sherman: She-r-man. STOCK Publishers,  Eugene, OR (ISBN 13: 978-1-60899-544-8)

For Children and Teens:

Carr, Jennifer (2010). Be Who You Are. AuthorHouse: Bloomington, Indiana

Krieger, Irwin (2011) Helping your Transgender Teen: A Guide for Parents.  Genderwise Press, New Haven, CT. (ISBN: 069201229X)

See also: Gender Transgression in Books for Children, Teens, and Caring Adults:
A Bibliography
by Nancy Silverrod, San Francisco Public Library. (Silverrod describes and gives references to about 60 titles) and Books at


Bess, J. Alison; Stabb, Sally D. (2009) The experiences of transgendered persons in psychotherapy: voices and recommendations.

Brill, S & Pepper, R. (2008) Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals. Publishers Group West, Cleis Press.

Brown, M. L., & Rounsley, C.A. (1996). True selves: Understanding transsexualism–for families. friends, coworkers and helping professionals. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.

Colapinto, John (2006) As Nature Made Him: The boy who was raised as a Girl. HarperCollins Publishers. (ISBN-10: 0061120561, ISBN-13: 978-0061120565)

Denny, D. (2007). Gender variability : Transsexuals, crossdressers, and others. Westport, CT, US: Praeger Publishers/Greenwood Publishing Group.

Herman, Joanne (2009). Transgender Explained For Those Who Are Not.  Indiana, USA:  AuthorHouse.

Lev, A. (2004). Transgender Emergence. Binghamton, NY: HaworthPress.

Rottnek, M (Ed.) (1999). Sissies and Tomboys: Gender Nonconformity and Homosexual Childhood. New York: New York University Press.

Vanderburgh, R. (2007) Transition and Beyond, Observations On Gender Identity. Q Press. Portland, Oregon.

WPATH’s Standards of Care for Gender Identity Disorders (pdf format)

* – I’m not listing journal articles here – there’s too many and I’m mostly leaving out academic writing.

Find out about Psychotherapy when dealing with Gender variance in yourself or someone close to you.

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